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Machine Shop Estimation Software

Machine Shop Estimation Software JobShopQuotes MAC

About JobShopQuotes MAC

JobShopQuotes MAC is not just another estimating software

JobShopQuotes works on Real World manufacturing process and arrives at the estimate of the component in the way how it will be processed during manufacturing. Our methodology works on Set-up based process and every set-up has its individual operations. JobShopQuotes suits to your unique working style where you have accurate time and cost estimates of your manufacturing.

What does JobShopQuotes MAC Cover?

Being Machining Estimating Software JobShopQuotes if fully capable of giving accurate time estimates as below:

Raw Material Inputs covers calculations of
Bar Stock : Round, Square, Rectangle, Hex
Casting/Forging : Per Pc.
Pipe : Round, Square, Rectangle
Profiles: I Beam, C-Channel, Angle

Set-up Covers cost Calculations
Machines Covered are

Turning : Lathe, Multi Slide, Sub spindle. Turn-mill
Milling : VMC, HMC, Boring etc.
Drilling : All Drilling
Grinding : Surface, Circular
Planer : Shaping, Planer
Sawing : Bandsaw, Hacksaw

Apart from above you have the ability to add setup with respect to Time, Weight, Area, Volume, Length, Batch and Per Piece requirements.

This makes JobShopQuotes the most versatile software available today for machined components estimation applications

Machining Operations Covers time calculations of
Turning: Facing, Face Grooving, Grooving, Parting, Internal Turning, Threading (Internal/External), Profile Turning (Internal/External), Turning (Internal/External), Taper Turning (Internal/External), Knurling, Burnishing
Milling: Face Milling, End Milling, Slot, Profile, Pocket (Square/Round), Boss (Square/Round)
Hole : Drilling, Boring, Reaming, Tapping, Burnishing
Grinding :
Surface, Circular (external/Internal)
Sawing : Bandsaw, Hacksaw
Planer : Shaping ,Planer

for more details visit JobShopQuotes MAC
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