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Pl. find some ESPRIT CAM advantages.

·         You can program your 3/4/5 axis positional machine as well as continuous Machines. you can also program of your future machines by just adding modules of ESPRIT CAM. For this You do not need to go for new software licenses as in market there are separate software for milling and MillTurn technology. But in ESPRIT all applications like Milling, MillTurn, Turning are on same Interface or platform.

·         All applications like Milling, MillTurn, Turning & Wire EDM are integrated on same Interface so that your need one Person to develop and Optimize Machine codes. That means for all 3/4/5 axis projects can be programmed on single license.


·         Very User Friendly since for 3+2 positional & continues axis you can create Planes automatically. Also easy editing and creation of surfaces which are required to create program and features for 3+2 and 5 axis machining.


·         Many Strategies for 3,3+2 positional as well as 5 axis continuous machining which will minimize your cycle time up to 50% by automatically creating Rapid Feed Movements. Also you can minimize your programming time by 40% by effectively using process Manager and can use saved processes.


·         Also you can optimize your program since you can create tool path by using different strategies.


·         You can set your machine pages, Post, Tool Holders according to your requirement(since we provide manual to edit post)very effectively and add or remove any parameters like Machine Base, Turret, table, Spindles, fixtures etc.


·         Very powerful Complete Machine Tool simulation for your all projects of any axis Machines.


·         Stock Automation engine to automatically calculate your rest stock and create Tool Path on remaining material.


·         Can save many processes in process manager and copy and paste tool path on your family of parts which reduces your programming time. Also Machine will become Technology dependant since you are having saved processes for simple as well as complex parts which can be used by new person after 2 hours training.


·         We have a tie up with Mori Seiki Machine tools . My software comes inbuilt on MAPPS IV controller in India of Mori NT machines and Many dedicated strategies will be introduced as per Mori requirement which are available to all ESPRIT customers worldwide.


·         Dedicated Knowledge base Manager to save programs, speed, feed and processes for ESPRIT users.


·         Automatic generation of Rapid feed movements which will minimize your cycle time.


·         Factory fitted Post supplied to you since worldwide we work in association with many Machine tool Builders. Pl. find attached. We are working in association with Machine tool Builder that is why we knew Machine Kinematics. That is why our Post processor is very strong can support rotary movement of your more than 3 axis.


·         Can work in Layers. Which will simplify your work by hiding your tool path.


·         Very strong 2d modeling and can create 3d models from your 2d. also edit your models.


·         Import native format from any CAD modeling software. Also you can import CAD Feature tree or history of part in ESPRIT


·         CAD history of parts are available in ESPRIT so that feature selection is very strong. Also Associatively with any cad is possible i.e. if you edit model after creating Tool Path your tool path will get updated.


·         We assure you we can reduce your cycle time up to 50% also can reduce programming time up to 40%.

And many more advantages.

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